Palm Institute Matriculates 5th Goup of Students

On March 15th, 2017, Palm Institute held its 5th Matriculation Ceremony to formally initiate a new group of 29 students into Palm Institute.

Dr. Peter Carlos Okantey, the founder of Palm Institute, formally welcomed the new group of students to Palm Institute. He shared the vision of Palm Institute and encouraged them to study and work hard to enhance their future and the many opportunities an education can provide. He also informed students about the new programs Palm Institute is offering as well as the goal to provide international student business internships through Palm Institute.  Moreover, he spoke about the goal of constructing Palm Institute’s permanent campus in the near future. Read more here

One of the new students, Bless Tamakloe, addressed the group by urging her fellow classmates to make their time at Palm Institute beneficial to “absorb every magnificent thing” that will promote their future success. Read more here. The ceremony concluded with Abu Braimah, also a new student, sharing the importance of students taking advantage of the opportunity to further their education at Palm Institute. Read more here.


Palm Institute Admits New Students

On the 9th and 10th of February 2017, Palm Institute held its 5th orientation for all newly admitted students. Mrs. Beth Okantey welcomed the new students and provided a brief historical background of Palm Institute and NAPE Foundation and how both institutions have impacted the lives of Ghanaians over the past several years. She shared Palm Institute's goal of equipping students with critical, analytical and practical thinking skills as well as writing and speaking skills to facilitate the individual and professional success of every student.

Students were introduced to all the opportunities, activities, and
programs available at Palm Institute. The various topics covered

  • Chaplaincy at Palm
  • Academic expectations and registration procedures at Palm
  • Community service program
  • Internship opportunities Personal security and Adult life style

A new initiative "Palm Hive" was discussed with the students led by the co-coordinator, Ms. Bernice Ananga. The program is designed to equip every student with knowledge, skills and abilities to thrive as an entrepreneur. In all,
over thirty students attended the two-day orientation program. More students are expected to join in the coming days. Lectures began on February 13th, 2017.


Palm Students Visit Law Courts

All our students at Palm Institute who are taking various courses in Law paid a visit to the Court Complex, Accra to observe real court proceedings and learn about the workings of the judicial arm of government. They were led by one of our Law faculty members (Mr. Jerry John Asiedu, ESQ). The students were given a warm reception by the Court Manager and ushered them into the courts.

In all, the students observed proceedings in three different courts, (Criminal Court 4, Commercial Court 10, and General Jurisdiction 6) where they observed the hearings of about 30 real life cases.

After the sittings, the students got the rear opportunity to interact with the Judges who sat on the various cases and some of the Lawyers who were at the courts to represent their clients. The students asked various intelligent questions that bordered on the proceedings and the legal profession in general.

The visit gave the students the opportunity to relate all that they had studied in class so far (court cases, scenarios etc.) to what is actually practiced and how they are implemented. Our initiative won the admiration of some of the Judges and applauded Palm Institute for its Liberal Arts approach to teaching and learning.


Her Ladyship, Chief Justice Gerogina Theodora Woods Visits NAPE Foundation, Portland

From November 1-3, 2016 Her Ladyship Chief Justice Georgina Wood, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Ghana visited Oregon as part of the University of Oregon’s African American Speakers and Workshop Series.  On the afternoon of November 2nd, Her Ladyship visited representatives of NAPE Foundation at the Foundation’s office in Portland, Oregon.  The team described in detail what NAPE has accomplished thus far and our vision for future endeavors with the continuing development of the Palm Institute of Strategic Leadership to Her Ladyship.  The Chief Justice was very impressed with the work NAPE is doing and indicated her wish to visit the Palm Institute upon her return to Accra.  We all look forward to engaging further with the Chief Justice and welcoming her to Palm Institute, Accra.