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Supporting Our Future- Palm University’s Permanent Campus

Palm Institute is a growing liberal arts institution with great promise. Our vision is to continue growing steadily while keeping the needs of Ghanaian and African students, communities and industries in mind. As a result, Palm Institute needs to expand its facilities and strategically add more relevant programs at the degree level in order to diversify what we offer to our students. A building that meets the standards of the National Accreditation Board (NAB) would help us realize our vision to add HND programs (three-year Higher National Diploma) and eventually, four-year degree programs.

Our short-term goal is to relocate to a permanent campus to give our students the most convenient environment for teaching and learning. This would afford us the opportunity to continue to provide a quality liberal arts education that is often a missing ingredient in our higher educational institutions.

Details of Permanent Campus

Location: Manya Jorpanya, Shai Hills: On the Tema - Akosombo Road. Near Shai Hills Forest Reserve (Twenty minutes from Tema)

Cost: $150,000

Duration: 8 to 12 months

The first-phrase of the permanent campus would include the following:

  • Ten lecture halls
  • Five administrative offices
  • Computer laboratory and library
  • Cafeteria
  • Multipurpose hall

Progress So Far

This initiative was out doored during NAPE Foundation’s Annual Celebration Dinner on the 11th of February 2017 in Portland. Dr. Peter Okantey, the founder of Palm Institute is currently actively leading a fundraising campaign in the U.S. Our aim this quarter and the next, is to share the vision with as many people in Ghana and in the U.S.

How to support?

Individuals, groups and organisations can support by donating to this initiative. Donors can make a one-time donation or spread payment across a one year period.

Mode of Payment

Write a check in the name of Palm Institute

Donors in the US  

Write a check in the name of NAPE Foundation and mail it to this address:

601 SW Second Avenue, Suite 2100 Portland, Oregon 97204-3158


For more information

Email us on

Here are individuals and companies who share in our belief:

  1. Delores Dillard
  2. Living Water Pentecostal Church
  3. David Heal
  4. Phil and Vickie Rothrock
  5. Donna Dorsey
  6. Darrell Brown
  7. Sally Hensley 



Building Campaign