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Our Liberal Arts Focused Education

Palm Institute adopts the liberal arts approach to higher education. We provide our students with general knowledge to enhance the development of their intellectual and professional abilities to prepare them for the many local and international fields and industries of work. We believe the liberal arts approach to higher education will afford our graduates the opportunity to form the foundations they need for further studies and industry success. Our liberal arts core curriculum courses include:

African studies, Critical Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Values, Modern English and Expository Writing, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics (microeconomics and macroeconomics), Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to Finance, Leadership, Management Studies, Computer Fundamentals, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy. These courses are relevant in all spheres of human endeavor and survival. As a priority, we consider training our students in this respect to make them relevant and remain relevant in the highly competitive and ever-changing global corporate terrain.

Small Class Sizes

Our classes are intentionally small in size. This is designed to facilitate hands-on learning and deep conversations amongst students and faculty during lecture hours. Our small classes allow our students to undertake projects and activities that equip them to design and deliver academic, professional and community-based presentations in class. Our faculty encourages our students to think critically and analytically about issues presented and discussed in class. Our students are encouraged to speak their minds and challenge assumptions, theories and models presented and suggest alternatives where necessary. We believe our students have knowledge and experiences to share with each other and their professors.

Our Two-year Degree Programs 

We offer the following two-year degree programs:

  • - Business Administration
  • - Banking Technology and Accounting
  • - Computerized Accounting
  • -Agribusiness and Finance
  • -Procurement and Supply Chain Management