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As a higher educational institution, Palm Institute is founded on four main philosophical ideologies that inform its focus and direction. Palm Institute believes in the liberal arts approach to education, Africa-centrism, excellence, professionalism, and sound ethics and values.

Our Liberal Arts Approach

Liberal arts education focuses mainly on the provision of general knowledge and the development of general intellectual skills that are applicable in all aspects of human capacity enhancement. Aside the specific areas of educational training we offer our students, we also expose them to general intellectual capacity development through the introduction of compulsory courses such as: African studies, Critical Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Values, Modern English and Expository Writing, Statistics, Economics (microeconomics and macroeconomics), Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to Finance, Leadership, Management Studies, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy. These courses are relevant in all spheres of human endeavor and survival. As a priority, we consider training our students in this respect to make them relevant and remain relevant in the highly competitive and ever-changing global corporate terrain.


Palm Institute incorporates African leadership and organisational philosophies, ideologies, models and concepts in our teaching and learning process. We strive to uphold known and established ways of leading people and organisations in Africa while exploring Western tested theories, concepts, models, styles, ideas, values, and philosophies to enhance our teaching and learning processes. We believe our ability to develop leaders who are conscious of these societal and cultural differences and similarities will equip them to effectively lead corporations and institutions towards high performance and ultimate success regardless of where they find themselves in the world. We are convinced that we will be left in the dark in our pursuit of excellence in leadership if we neglect the positive aspects of culture, values and beliefs in society.

Excellence & Professionalism

At Palm Institute we believe excellence and professionalism is the hallmark of an institution that seeks to empower existing and emerging generations of leaders. Thus, we strive to achieve this goal through our research and writing, teaching and learning, conferences, relationships and ultimately in our graduates. We believe excellence and professionalism lies in an intentional pursuit of high quality, attention to detail, outstanding customer service, willingness to learn from our mistakes, respect for individuals, our community and society in general. We strive to incorporate these qualities in our everyday interactions with our students/participants, faculty, staff and everyone we come into contact with.

Ethics & Values

Ethics and values are central to the process of excellent African leadership formation and development. At the Palm Institute we believe it is one of the main pillars of leadership and organisational success. We believe individual leaders and organisations must make it a priority to establish viable systems of values and ethics to enhance follower/employee buy-in, motivation and performance. We believe this can be achieved via the adoption and implementation of tested frameworks and models that can be applied to the Ghanaian/African context. As an institute we strive to uphold locally and globally accepted values and ethics in all aspects of our operations as we interact with internal and external stakeholders.

Our Philosophy