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On yearly basis, enrollment of students into higher educational institutions in Ghana becomes a daunting experience for the students and their parents. According to one educationist, the gross enrollment ratio in Ghana which measures access to higher education is below Ghana’s current status as a lower-middle income country. Most often than not, education is seen as a luxury only to the benefit of the privileged few in society with the elite few having most of the advantages that come with education. Nonetheless, this should not be the case since access to education should be a fundamental human right and more so owing to the fact that the survival and the ability of young individuals to survive and compete in the ever changing world rests on quality education. It is for this reason that Palm Institute of Strategic Leadership has dedicated its efforts to reaching out to the less privileged in society more of who reside in the rural areas of Ghana to equip and strategically position them to compete in today’s competitive world.

Our Rural Focus