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Our Unique Core Values:


We believe leadership is one of the foremost needs of the African continent hence the decision to choose "leadership" as one of our core values. As an Institution of higher learning, we are committed to raising a generation of incorruptible, ethical and values-based individuals who will take up positions of responsibility and exert positive influence in Ghana and Africa. We are committed to training the next generation of ethical, innovative, creative and critical thinking entrepreneurs who possess the capacity to identify existing opportunities, challenges and problems in our society as well as providing long lasting solutions to the numerous problems and challenges our society is confronted with and equally take advantage of the enormous opportunities at their disposal. We are focused on training leaders that will positively and ethically change and enhance the story of Ghana and Africa as a whole. We do this by providing exemplary leadership and creating opportunities for our students to demonstrate their leadership skills through practical hands-on experiences and approaches grounded in a liberal arts environment.


Palm Institute believes in strengthening the endurance capacity of systems and processes in Ghana and Africa. As an Institution, we believe in sustainable development with much emphasis on financial and environmental sustainability. As a result we endeavor to create sustainable avenues for our students to enhance their success when they step into the real world. We strongly share in the proposed Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations hence our organizational goals are strategically directed towards ensuring financial independence and sustainability over the long-term. It is our utmost vision to incorporate sustainable and environmentally friendly systems and measures into our permanent campus. 


Our focus and emphasis on excellence cannot be overemphasized since excellence embodies everything we do at Palm Institute. Our definition of excellence is to demand more of ourselves even after we have met our targets with utmost effectiveness and efficiency. We believe there is always more room on the ladder of excellence. As an Institution with a emphasis on training excellent leaders and entrepreneurs, we do not condone mediocrity. Academic and professional distinction, superiority and supremacy are the highest points we expect from our staff and faculty and envision for our graduates. As our core value, we endeavor to train outstanding human resource for today and tomorrow's industries as well as entrepreneurs with the relevant skills for lifelong success. Our students have an unwavering quest for working towards excellence. Our faculty and staff aspire for nothing below excellence.

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Our Core Values