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Business Internship Program

The Palm Institute of Strategic Leadership provides International students from all over the world, the opportunity to learn about and develop an understanding and appreciation for cross-cultural business ideas and practices.

The Purpose of our Internship Program is:

* Provide participants with global leadership and management perspectives through a Ghanaian experience
* Offer an understanding of cross-cultural, social, economic, historical, political, legal and business regulatory issues in Ghana.
* Supply experiential and hands-on leadership and management projects and experiences for participants.
* Serve as a bridge between Ghanaian, U.S., European and other universities and colleges, businesses, leadership and management, principles, models and approaches.
* Encourage participants to develop an understanding and appreciation for cross-cultural relationships and international leadership.

The Program Consists of:

* Pre-departure support via email, phone or Skype prior to arrival
* Airport pick-up and drop-off
* One to two day logistics and cultural training upon arrival
* 24/7 support and a usage of a local cell phone
* Ghanaian home stay housing/guest house/student housing and two meals per day
* Ghanaian internship placement
* Bi-weekly integrative group seminar for debriefing
* Bi-weekly guest speakers and field trips to orient students to organizational leadership and management and social interpreneurship projects in Ghana (opportunities and challenges).
* Assistance with housing or internship placement issues

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Business Internship Programme