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Welcome to Palm Institute. As a two-year liberal arts institution, we are committed to the development of the next generation of Africa’s ethical and values-based corporate leaders. In September, 2014, the doors of Palm Institute of Strategic Leadership were opened to Ghanaians and Africans students for teaching and learning in a dynamic liberal arts environment. We started with six (6) faculty, four (4) staff and eleven (11) students who signed up for our three two-year diploma programs.

Through my education and experiences in leading people, running businesses and teaching students in Ghana and the United States, I have come to the realisation that “everything begins and ends with leadership.” Families, cities, countries, towns, organizations and businesses rise and fall based on the kind of leadership in place and the decisions they make. The relevance of this matter cannot be underestimated in our society as we strive for local business success and global competitiveness as a people. I have seen dynamic initiatives come to an abrupt end because of lack of foresight on the part of leaders; some of whom I have had in my circles. Leadership vision, perseverance, persistence and focus are difficult to maintain in the leadership process without the right attitude, commitment and tenacity especially in our part of the world.

At Palm Institute, we recognize the fact that we live in an age of globalization as Ghanaians and Africans. This presupposes that we must strive for excellence in local and global business endeavors as we run our institutions and organisations. Our challenge lies in our ability to efficiently and effectively apply leadership and management theories, concepts, models, styles and principles we are exposed to in our educational careers, most of which were propounded, professed and published by Western and Anglo-American scholars. We are faced with the challenge of understanding and implementing Western-based leadership philosophies while upholding our existing and well established African philosophies as well as cultural values and beliefs for leading people and organisations in our part of the world. We are also challenged with current misconceptions regarding African business and leadership as we introduce our international students to African business opportunities through our internship programs. We can only aim to bridge the gap between Western and African philosophies and ideologies by enable individuals and communities alike to be able to learn from different cultures and inspire one another’s learning at Palm Institute.

Our success in this endeavor however, lies in our ability to identify a fine balance and a possible equilibrium between traditional African organisational and leadership philosophy and cultural values and the various Western leadership theories, concepts, models, styles and principles we are exposed to in our college and careers. Our ability to find such a sense of balance will enhance our ability to embrace globally accepted leadership values and ethics for local and global business success. There is no doubt we cannot separate ourselves from the constant wind of change and transformation happening globally. Yet, we cannot afford to lose our true sense of identity as a people and our well established philosophies and values. We must strive to establish needed international partnerships and collaborations that will enhance the African leadership process without sacrificing valuable legacies for posterity. Furthermore, we will provide international students with the opportunity to engage in and learn about our cultural perspectives and how it pertains to leadership.

Palm Institute of Strategic Leadership therefore exists to facilitate this process. Our ultimate goal is to assist in raising a generation of innovative, creative, and critical thinking Ghanaians, Africans and Global business leaders who are able to operate successful local businesses while competing globally. We do this by recruiting, partnering and collaborating with well trained and experienced local and international faculty and staff. Our staff and faculty bring a wealth of understanding and appreciation for both Western and African thoughts which are professed in the teaching and learning process at Palm Institute. Lastly, we will demonstrate the immense business opportunities that are available throughout Ghana to our students. We hope to provide a space where young people from all over the world can come together to collaborate and learn from one others’ perspectives, experiences and cultures.

Our innovative and creative atmosphere brings the best out of our students and faculty by encouraging them to adopt critical, creative and innovative thinking skills and techniques in the leader-follower relationships and the organisational decision-making processes. Our hands-on approach to delivering our well designed and interactive curriculum ensures the theories, concepts, models and principles taught in the classroom are applied to the daily activities of our students. We do this by partnering with local business leaders and businesses who engage our students and faculty in hands-on community-based projects, research and internships.

I encourage you to visit us at our campus for an exceptional experience.


Dr. Peter Carlos Okantey

Founder & President

The President's Message