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Certificate in Renewable Energy and Environmental Management Systems (PART I & II) with specilization in:

  • Windpower Technology
  • Solar Technology
  • Biomass Technology

Certificate in Windpower

The Certificate Programme in Wind Power is designed to prepare students for professional career paths in the global wind power industry, or for research studies in wind energy subjects. The Programme is designed for those who wish to focus on the exciting interdisciplinary field of wind power project management, which combines technology, management and social science. During the programme, students will meet industry representatives and researchers that contribute to the development of the field. The programme is organised in a sequential path of thematic instruction in planning, project development and management of wind farm projects. The program covers courses in wind power technology where industry-relevant subjects such as wind resource assessment and measurement, energy estimations, wind turbine technology, operation and maintenance of wind farms and electrical markets in wind power systems are studied. Aspects of wind power project development and management are also studied.

Certificate in Solar Energy

In this course, technologies involved in solar energy in relation to the capturing, conversion and distribution of the energy will be studied. These include:

  • The various methods of converting solar energy into electricity, heat and solar fuels
  • The physical working principles of photovoltaic conversion in solar cells
  • How to recognize and describe the various solar cell technologies, their current status and future technological challenges
  • How to analyze the performance of solar cells and modules
  • How to design a complete photovoltaic system for any particular application

Certificate in Biomass Technology

Energy from fossil fuels (Biomass) - stored solar energy is of interest to mankind. Therefore, improving the way we tap this energy will be ideal and aid in maintaining continuous supply of energy. The main aim of this course therefore is to introduce students to the details of energy efficiency and the environmental impact of Biomass.

The key objectives of the course are to:
  • Identify the scientific fundamentals of the exploration, development, and distribution of biopower and biofuel
  • Describe the scientific, technological, and business components of energy from biomass sources
  • Recognize companies developing and investing in biomass energy, as well as estimate the business benefits of such investments
  • Cite current applications of biopower and biofuels in the energy industry
  • Discuss and analyse case studies involving the integration of biopower/biofuel and non-renewable sources of fuel and energy
  • Devise methods for the integration of biopower/biofuel and non-renewables in order to anticipate future changes in the energy market

Certificate in Hydropower

The course will introduce students to the various types of hydro-electric power and geothermal energy. The course consists of a series of foundational courses and a larger group project where students will be required to apply knowledge from the other courses they have learned by conducting a pre-study of the development alternatives in a Ghanaian water system. This involves learning how to combine techniques, environment and economy to secure success.

Admission Requirement

  • WASSCE/SSSCE Leavers
  • GCE ‘A’ and ‘O’ Level Leavers
  • Mature Applicants are also invited

Employment Prospects

After completion, participants would be in good position to work in institutions such as Environmental Protection Agency; Ministry of Environment and Science; Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ministry of Forestry, Land and Mines; The Forestry Commission, The Minerals Commission, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, District Assemblies, National Development and Planning Commission, United Nations - Environment Programme (UNEP) and all Energy sectors.

Duration: 6 months for each part.

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