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Educational Loans/Grants/Scholarships

At the moment, Palm Institute does not provide loans or grants. The Financial Aid office encourages students to seek all possible means of financial assistance from government agencies, foundations, non-profit organisations and civic organisations they are connected to. Some banks also offer educational loans to prospective students. Palm Institute will however work diligently to seek gifts from partners and friends who believe in the vision and mission of this institution. When such funds become available, they would be available for assisting students.

All Financial aid and scholarships are awarded through NAPE Foundation. The Naa Amerley Palm Education (NAPE) Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organisation based in Accra, Ghana, West Africa and Portland, Oregon, USA. In order to increase the availability of higher educational opportunities for Ghanaians, NAPE Foundation offers scholarships to students to attend Palm Institute of Strategic Leadership. Students are assessed to ascertain their level of need prior to the award of scholarships. Currently, 14 percent of our students are on full scholarship and the remaining 86 percent are on partial scholarship.

Financial Aid & Scholarships