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Founder’s Council; Raising Generations African of leaders

Be a part of a generation that helped found and sustained Palm Institute, a liberal arts college in Ghana. Based on personal experiences in pursuing higher education in Ghana and the United States, the vision of NAPE Foundation was born through Peter Carlos Okantey to found Palm Institute in Ghana. Join the members of the Founder’s Council who recognize the importance of higher education as a way of transforming the future of Ghana and the entire continent of Africa. Your investment of time, talents, money and resources will help train generations of ethical leaders.

A minimum annual gift or pledge of $500 or more is required for membership with the Founder’s Council.

The Founder's Council members play an essential role in the development of leaders in Ghana and Africa through Palm Institute by:

  • Serving as advocates for Palm Institute in their communities around the world.
  • Using personal contacts and relationships to identify and provide introductions to new sources of support.
  • Contributing regularly to Palm Institute’s leadership, faculty, students and volunteers.
  • Serving as a mentor to the leadership and Management Team at Palm Institute


  • Communication from the President in our monthly newsletter to keep you informed of Palm Institute campus news.
  • The opportunity to be a part of a generation that helped found and sustained Palm Institute and assisted in molding future and ethical leaders of Ghana and Africa: women and men who will help transform the future of a continent and the world.
  • Members’ names will be displayed on the Founder’s Council pages

Founder’s Council