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Palm Institute Signs MoU with MBC Africa

Palm Institute and Mobile Business Clinic (MBC) Africa signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on 8th July, 2016 to work together in designing and implementing activities to support the development of Agribusiness in Africa.

The MoU serves as a framework for cooperation between the two institutions to develop and implement joint initiatives to support SMEs in the agribusiness sector across Africa and inspire young people to join the sector as well.

MBC Africa provides an enabling environment for agribusinesses in Africa by integrating the business services they need to grow onto one single platform. MBC Africa’s role is to identify, nurture and develop a critical mass of viable growth-oriented agribusinesses in selected African economies.

MBC offers to small agribusiness companies access to:

  • Skills, business development and talents: accessible, affordable BDS ensuring necessary capacity building to grow strong management teams and qualified workforce.
  • Information, innovation and technology: ensuring high quality of operations both in farming and processing.
  • Market intelligence (local, national and international): ensuring off-take of products.
  • Adapted financing (angel investors, seed funding): ensuring availability of growth, working capital and risk mitigation instrument.

You can visit for more information on MBC Africa.